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Silicones & Sealants

Whether it’s installing windows and doors or kitchens and bathrooms, a good quality sealant is a must. With an array of colours available from several brands we can help with all your silicone needs. Sold individually or 1000+!

Window Sealants

Clear, White & Coloured

These versatile compounds play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of your windows & doors. Well sealed windows not only keep the elements out but also contribute to energy efficiency and comfort within the property. Available in a range of colours. Sold either individually or in multiples.


In modern construction, caulking compounds are flexible sealing materials used to close gaps in buildings and structures against water, air, dust, and insects. Most commonly used in Bathrooms & Kitchens however it can also be used for Windows & Doors or, more traditionally, in shipbuilding.

Kitchen & Bathroom Sealants

These mould resistance sealants provide defence against water penetration in areas prone to high humidity or moisture, making them suitable for applications such as showers, baths, sinks, worktops, etc. Whether you are reapplying a sealant or installing new kitchen or bathroom fittings, a water-tight seal is crucial to prevent water damage.

Silicone Guns & Cleaner

For larger sealant jobs, a reliable sealant gun is essential to help maintain a clean and even finish. PU foam cleaner for the removal of uncured PU foam from applicators, equipment and surfaces is also available.

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